The following rules are a courtesy between the parties of Fifteenth Avenue Baptist Church, the MOPS organization, and the sellers participating in the yard sale. Please abide by them so that we can all have a successful and prosperous sale day, as well as an enjoyable and pleasant time for all.

Thank you so much for your participation and support for our organization!

  1. Please turn on 15th Avenue and check in with the worker with the clip board/list. Then, enter the parking lot where they direct you, unload as quickly as possible in your chosen spot, and then exit the parking lot. All vehicles must be out of the lot by 7 am.

  2. Setup begins at 6 am. Parking spots will be numbered with chalk. If you reserved a spot in advance, you may find your spots & begin setup there. If you pay on the day of the sale, you will be directed to a spot to set up. If you set up in a spot reserved for someone else, you will be required to move.

  3. Park all vehicles outside the corner of 15th Ave. and 14th St. sales lot. The side streets and Rush lot are okay. Workers can show you where to park if you aren’t sure.

  4. We ask that you please do not sell any food or beverage products. Our concession stand is a large part of our fundraising for the day.

  5. As a Christian organization, we reserve the right to ask you to remove any offensive or inappropriate items.

  6. Please pack up no later than 1 pm, and please leave your area clean. There is a dumpster at the church that you may use to dispose of any trash. We have to stay to ensure that the entire area is clean for church on Sunday, and we cannot do that until the last person is out of the lot.

  7. Items that do not sell must be removed from the parking lot. We have arranged for a local thrift store to pick up items that you do not wish to take home. Concession stand workers can show you where to place items to be donated.

  8. There is a restroom through the double glass doors to the church that is available only for our vendors. Please be respectful of the church’s generosity to allow us to enter and utilize their facilities.

  9. Please remember to bring your own tables, chairs, and/or tents if you will need them. Sunscreen and sunglasses are also nice to have.

  10. If you have any questions or concerns, please see, text or call Dawn at (601) 934-6578 or another MOPS member for a resolution. We will be happy to help.

Thank you again! Happy selling!